800ml Portable Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner For Jewellery Watch Denture

Ultrasonic power 30 watts peak
without heating
150x85x65 mm stainless steel tank
800ml Portable Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner
1. With BLT type industrial ultrasonic transducer
2. SUS304 tank with long work life
3. With SUS basket and Lid4.
Certificate: CE5. With 12months warranty
0.8L ultrasonic bath used for : Jewelry Markets Retail/Wholesale: Tabletop models for cleaning finished goods, watches, chain, rings, etc. by the piece or in bulk.Jewelry Manufacturing: General Jewelry Cleaning. Finite removal of investment after casting. Removal of rouge and other buffing and polishing compounds. Removal of oil/grease in chain manufacturing process.

800ml Portable Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner For Jewellery Watch Denture

Application use: lenses, braces, jewelry, hearing aids ...

- Not suitable for professional use

ULTRASONIC POWER 50 Watts peak (1 transducer 42khz 30 watts effective)

0.8 liter stainless steel tank 150x85x65 mm (internal dimension LxWxH)

Exterior dimension:

Digital display timer 0 to 30 min  

without heating

Volume 0.8L

Plastic basket with ring holder + stainless steel cover provided

CE + RoHS standards approval

Appliance for domestic use guaranteed 1 year 

What is Ultrasonic Jewellery Cleaner?

•An Ultrasonic Jewellery Cleaner is an Ultrasonicator that comprises of a small tank , small motor/ circuit for Cleaning the Ornaments, a removable basket / tray. To begin the cleaning process, the cleaning tank is filled with warm water or a cleaning solution. Cleaning solutions can consist of non-ionic surfactants, detergents or ammonia. You can then place your Jewellery Item(s) in a small basket and place that basket inside the tank.
 Benchtop ultrasonic cleaners with the capacity from 0.8 to 30 liters. 800ML ultrasonic cleaning baths are working with 40 kHz frequency and creates in the water uniform cavitation. AG Sonic tabletop ultrasonic equipment is providing premium cleaning performance with very low operational cost and it is used in many industries for many different applications –  

AG Sonic 0.8L ultrasonic bath Application:

Healthcare Dental and surgical instruments, optical, podiatry, general practice, hospitals, medical components
Manufacturing: Aerospace, pharmaceutical, defence, medical devices and orthopaedic implants, automotive, marine, filtration, moulding, food and beverage, plating & surface finishing, semi-conductors, printing technology and equipment.
Maintenance Automotive servicing, jewellery & watches, tools, weapons, Heat exchangers, oil & gas, commercial coffee boiler
Laboratory Scientific Research, Mixing, Cell Disruption, extraction, pharmaceutical Sonochemistry

window blind, golf club, tattoo equipment, anilox roller, music equipment, weapons, electronics, etc.


0.8L Benchtop ultrasonic cleaner specifications:  


TB-30 (digital, power adjustable)


digital ultrasonic cleaner





Tank size


Unit size


Carton packing


Ultrasonic power



0~30min adjustable



Tank capacity





0.9 kg




1 year



800ml Portable Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner For Jewellery  Features:

1. Ultrasonic power: 0-100% adjustable

2. Time setting: 0-30min or 24 hours continuous working

3. Heating: 20-80℃ adjustable

4: Ultrasonic frequency: 28 kHz or 40 kHz

5: Material: 2mm thickness SUS304 tank for acid-proof.

6: Improved PCB design for stable and durable industrial use

7: More strong and uniform ultrasonic wave

8: With free lid and stainless steel SUS304 basket

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