Multistage Automated Ultrasonic Cleaner With Conveyor System Heating Hepa

Multistage Automated Ultrasonic cleaning
With multistage tanks for cleaning and rinsing and drying.
With filtration system.
Multi-direction castors with brake.
First tank size Inner tank size: length L400 × width 500x Height 400 mm.80L
Control :PLC
Ultrasonic Cleaner Power :1200w x3
Heating power :12KW

Multistage Automated Ultrasonic Cleaner With Conveyor System Heating Hepa 

ultrasonic cleaning process :

1st  Ultrasonic cleaning ultrasonic power 1200W   heating power :3000W

2nd  Ultrasonic cleaning ultrasonic power 1200W   heating power :3000W

3rd  Ultrasonic cleaning ultrasonic power 1200W   heating power : 3000W

4th  Ultrasonic cleaning ultrasonic power 1200W   heating power : 3000W

5th  pure water rinsing with air bubble ,heating power 3000W --- ---

6th  drying tank  4500W


3.,Multistage Automated Ultrasonic Cleaner configuration:

3. 1st tank to 4th tank ultrasonic cleaning

(1) Cleaning method: Ultrasonic cleaning.

(2) Cleaning solution: clean water + cleaning solution.

(3) Inner tank size: length L400 × width 500x Height 400 mm.80L

(4) Inner tank material: stainless steel  SUS316L 2mm;

(5) Heating: Stainless steel heating tube 3KW 

(6) Temperature management: temperature gauge + thermostat + solid state relay.

(7) insulated cotton: 10mm insulation cotton, .

(8) Ultrasonic wave:24pcs transducer 1200W , 

Frequency : 40KHz

The ultrasonic generator power supply is AC220V, 50Hz.

D Ultrasonic generator with overload protection,

(9) Protection device: stainless steel water level protector.

(10) Inlet: Install Ф3/4〞 stainless steel wave device on the front.

(11) Drainage: The bottom is installed with Ф1.2〞 stainless steel wave to make total drainage.

1.1, Equipment Name: automatic six multi stage ultrasonic cleaning machine.

1.2. Equipment Usage: It is used to clean oil and debris on the product.

1.3. Form: The whole process of moving the basket transporter is automatically completed.


Manual feeding → 1st ultrasonic cleaning →2nd ultrasonic cleaning →3rd ultrasonic cleaning → 4th ultrasonic cleaning → 5th rinsing cleaning → 6th drying tank → manual cutting.


Multistage Automated Ultrasonic Power supply :

Supply: 1 Power supply: 3phase AC400 / 230V, frequency 50HZ, 50 Hz, 3-phase.

2 The power supply fluctuates within ±10%, and the total power is about 24.3KW.

Discharge: General waste, treated according to local discharge standards.

2. Medical Part Ultrasonic Cleaning Multistage Automated equipment composition:

(1) Component composition:

1.1 Ultrasonic machine: 1 set

1.2, ultrasonic cleaning tank: 6 tank

1.5, ultrasonic transducer: 96pcs

 1.6, heating system: 6 sets

1.7, electric control box: 1 set

1.8, loading table: 1 set

1.9. Unloading station: 1 set

1.10, mechanical arm: 1 set

1.11, wash basket bracket: 6th 

1.12, Maintenance Manual: 1

Automated Ultrasonic Rinising Passivation and Drying System Special Options
Automatic Input and Output conveyors
Automatic cleaning process selection
Filtration to cleaning and rinsing tanks
Ultra filtration
Basket rotation
Specialized jets and baskets
Filter systems pre-stage of clean rooms

Multistage Automated Ultrasonic Operating Systems
User friendly system control via PC control 

Direct adjustment of the cleaning parameters
Support available through modem link

Multistage Automated Ultrasonic System Technical Details
Constructed of high quality stainless steel
Polished process tanks
Standard configuration :
Ultrasonic Cleaning I Ultrasonic Cleaning II Rinsing I Rinsing II Final Rinsing,    Hot-air drying  

environment contained. A specifically designed air duct system prevents liquids from entering into the system.

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